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Membership Committees


Wondering what opportunities there are for you, as a member, to be involved in the broad scope of PMCA's activities?  Listed here are the committees on which members may serve, a summary of their mission, projects and responsibilties, as well as the approximate times the committee meets annually.

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Committee Mission

Education & Learning


Peter Jamieson

Atlas Point Technical Services


13 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

One in-person (Spring)

Three – four via conference call

(various throughout year)


  • Develop and deliver high value (quality and cost), learning experiences to the confectionery and related industries globally.
  • Promote cooperative relationships with other academic and industrial groups for efficiency and higher quality.
  • These learning experiences will cover the science related to the specific topic and industry, and also provide practical, hands on opportunities to experience scientific theory in action. 
  • Consistently strive to meet the needs of the industry and improve value related to all learning experiences offered. 

Golf Tournament


George Shapiro
Del-Val Food Ingredients


3 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

One – two per year via conference call or email


  • To produce a successful and fun Annual Member Golf Tournament with excess reserves for Research and Educational programs.

Information & Communications Technology 


Mike Allured

MC/Manufacturing Confectioner


8 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

Two – four conference calls per year dependant on activity. All other correspondence via email.

  • To develop and maintain a user friendly, membership driven and informational portal for the confectionery industry.
  • To send consistent, well-written communications to members, press and others.

Investment & Finance


Ed Wilson

Retired, AAK, USA


1 member (Vice-President)

Others normally include Officers


Meeting Frequency:

One – two per year usually via conference call


  • To ensure the efficient and appropriate management of the association’s budget, financial and investment activity.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs


Rick Russell

The Hershey Company

1 member


Meeting Frequency:

Representation of committee at three board meetings per year


  • To monitor and provide an update to the association’s board on the latest developments in the legislative and regulatory arena as it relates to the confectionery industry.

Long Range Planning


Adrian Timms

The Hershey Company


12 members - click for list

Others added as needed


Meeting Frequency:

One – two in-person per year


  • Develops the comprehensive plan that guides the long term operations and activities of the association and its various committees.

Membership & Marketing


Patrick Hurley

Spangler Candy Company 

10 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

One – two per year in person

(times vary)


  • To expand and grow membership both internationally and domestically.
  • To keep membership dues affordable to the entire industry as well as provide programs for all size companies.
  • To spread the word about the benefits of membership and to encourage involvement of current member companies in a variety of association activities.



George Shapiro

Del-Val Food Ingredients


5 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

All correspondence via email, telephone and board meetings.


  • To ensure the adequate number of Board Directors and Committee Chairs are as written in the Association By-laws.
On-Demand Content

8 Members - click for list

  • Provide increasing capability for PMCA service offerings to be made available for on-demand consumption. 
  • Create opportunities for PMCA to provide its members with a gateway or conduit to "privileged" or "premium" content, access to resources and "solution-finder" contacts, etc. 

Production Conference


Bob Huzinec

The Hershey Company



Judy Cooley
The Hershey Company

Cynthia Angelo

Givaudan Flavors


Vice Chair:

Ed Wilson

Retired, AAK, USA


28 members - click for list


Meeting Frequency:

Three in-person per year: One in spring, two in summer and conference call in fall


  • To produce a high quality annual production conference for the industry and maintain this event’s status as the “signature event” for the association as well as fulfilling the director’s budgetary guidelines for the event.



Eric Schmoyer

Barry Callebaut

14 members - click for list

Meeting Frequency:

Four in-person

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Miscellaneous conference calls, when needed, with sub-committee members


  • Facilitate, promote & direct scientific research fundamentals to the confectionery manufacturing issues of PMCA members.
  • In so doing, liaise with other PMCA committees, other associations and suppliers on research needs, and transfer learning to the general membership of PMCA.
  • Through the promotion of graduate research, encourage academic institutions to maintain a flow of high quality research and talent to benefit the confectionery industry.
  • Research topics will reflect the confectionery interests of PMCA members. This includes chocolate, coatings, centers and non-chocolate candies other than chewing gum.
Social Media

13 members - click for list

  • Staying relevant to a new generation of members and committee volunteers in a format they increasingly expect. 
  • Facilitate interactions among students, mentors and others in execution of Student Outreach Committee activities. 
  • Provide audience and speaker engagement in planning, during and after the annual conference. 
  • Create opportunities to engage as committee members, and also to engage audiences and researchers in fulfillment of education and research activities.
Student Outreach


Mark Freeman

Shank’s Extracts

17 members - click for list

Meeting Frequency:

Two – three conference calls per year.


  • To reach out to students of food science and technology, to demonstrate how important the industry is.
  • Invite students to attend PMCA's annual production conference.

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