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               100 Years of Making Confections Better
 A Commemorative, Historical Account of the Confectionery Industry
                                   People love to learn about the history for candy.  Not just us industry folks, but apparently everyone else too.  Someone from the History Channel once told me that they made a Top 10 list of what was searched on their website, and five out of ten searches were candy- or chocolate-related.  The Hindenburg disaster, lost civilizations, UFOs,ancient ruins, pestilence and the good old sinking Titanic--not one of these subjects make the list.  Everyone wants to know more about their real childhood sweetheart: confections.
So it's no surprise that the PMCA's book, Sweet Times, is commanding great interest.  Almost everyone who's picked it up has oohed and ahhed over the vintage graphics, pointed to a photo of someone they once knew or discovered a revealing historical fact or two.
The book is technically about the hist ory of the PMCA, but it's about more than just an institution.  It's the history of a venerable organization, a genealogy of brands and a virtual family tree of the industry.  Sweet Times is not only an appreciation of our whole candy business but also a celebration.  Go ahead, mail a copy to all your best customers this holiday season, and let them enjoy some time with their real childhood sweetheart. -Beth Kimmerle, Candy Historian & Author
Looking for a perfect gift for an industry peer or fantastic customer?  Sweet Times author Beth Kimmerle will gladly sign your books with a custom message.  PMCA can also insert a letter specifically written on behalf of your company into each book.  Please call PMCA for a corporate gifts quote.
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