“Bringing World class Research, Education, and Training to the Global Confectionery Industry
since 1907.”

Meet the PMCA Officers

           Marlene Stauffer                    Robert Huzinec                     Edmund Wilson                Edward Minson                    Yvette Thomas
          Blommer Chocolate             The Hershey Company             Industry Consultant          Natural American Foods                   PMCA
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Meet the PMCA Board of Directors
What PMCA is about
PMCA is an international non-profit trade association of confectionery manufacturers and companies in related industries with membership worldwide.  
Founded in 1907 as the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confectioners’ Association by candy manufacturers located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PMCA, as it is now known, today boasts more than 390 members worldwide.

Three-Fold Mission:

1.  To provide an open forum for the free exchange of information

PMCA's Annual Production Conference, held each April in Hershey, Pennsylvania, provides an open forum for the exchange of technical information. Candy manufacturers and their suppliers meet with the goal to continually improve the manufacturing quality of candy by listening to technical presentations, by networking to explore industry issues with other manufacturers, and by viewing supplier exhibits. The technical papers presented are published as the Proceedings in print and in electronic form. Registration is open to manufacturers and suppliers in the confectionery and related industries.

2.  To promote and direct basic and applied scientific research

PMCA’s Research Committee directs basic and applied scientific research in the science of chocolate and confectionery at several leading universities. PMCA has endowed a graduate fellowship in Confectionery Food Science at Penn State University.

3.  To educate and train confectionery technical personnel worldwide

PMCA’s program of Short Courses in Confectionery Technology offers unique opportunities for member companies to educate and train their technical and manufacturing personnel through courses of three to four days. Usually three to four courses are offered annually, covering a broad range of processes, and the topics are rotated.



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